About Us

Our Team

The brewery is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Libby and Kevin Stroud-Kroon, who bought the brewery in November 2020. While it might sound crazy to buy a brewery in the middle of a pandemic, (and the day before a national lockdown!) their passion for local produce and great beer gave them faith that they could carry the business through the tough times, and into great times in the future.


Central to their decision was the fact the immensely talented brewer, James Fryer, would be staying on to continue to brew the same delicious Exe Valley beer, and while we are keen to grow the range and continue to develop new beers, the existing range will continue to be available and made to the same previously award-winning recipes.


We are lucky to have two wonderful brewery dogs too. Jackie is a rescue dog from Portugal, and even though she only has one eye, she can still spot a treat from a great distance; and Backa is our enthusiastic welcome party most days.

History of Exe Valley Brewery

The brewery was originally established in 1984 as Barron Brewery by ex publican Richard Barron who converted a redundant cowshed into the brewery. Former brewers’ wholesaler Guy Sheppard joined Richard in 1991 when the name was changed to Exe Valley Brewery and the plant was expanded and upgraded. Richard retired from the brewery in 2003 and Guy ran the brewery until 2020, and still remains a valued part of the brewery team offering much-valued advice and wisdom.